lørdag 28. mars 2015

Climate adaptive building design for the New Miles2Smiles center

Climate adaptive building design
Design concept : Secondary roof shielding the building volumes from sun and rain
The building complex is designed as separate building volumes protected and shaded by a larger outer roof-construction. The outer roof acts like an umbrella with a highly reflective surface to reflect direct solar radiation and reduce the heat gains and lower the temperature before it reaches the roof of the building volumes underneath. To improve the thermal performance, the roof is constructed as a sandwich element with aluminium sheeting, split, recycled car tyres as additional heat insulation in between, and a ventilated air gap to allow accumulated heat to be ventilated out. The recycled car tyres will also work as sound proofing during heavy rainfalls. The outer roof panels are supported by columns that are physically separated from the building volumes. The columns expand a bit above the building volumes, to create shaded rooftop spaces. The open construction ensures a good ventilation flow in the rooftop areas which are already shaded from direct solar radiation. The roof is also designed to collect rainwater, and the panels are angled to channel the water into storage tanks.

A good indoor environment is achieved through the use of passive techniques and climate adaptive building design. The building is self-sustained through the use of PV-panels that generate electricity to run electrical fans that can relieve the users during periods with extreme heat, meaning that a comfortable indoor environment is always secured. In an African climatic context, the outdoor temperature and desire for much ventilation to reduce the discomfort regarding heat issues allows sufficient ventilation through natural systems. Fresh air need is therefore easier to achieve through natural ventilation in an African context compared to a European context.

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