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Presentation of the Miles2Smiles organization and The Strømme Foundation

As I realized, we haven't yet given a real presentation of the Miles2Smiles, which is the end-user for this project and has been an important influence and inspiration all the way. So here comes a short presentation of Miles2Smiles:
(photo credit: Ester Halto)
Miles2Smiles is a day-care and welfare center which aims to help families living in the slum of Kampala with day-care for the children and education in financial management and microfinance for the women.

When the local authorities passed a law forbidding the mothers to bring their children to the market with them, as it was thought of as unsafe for the children, many of these women only had the option to leave their children at home all day, locked up and alone. The center was therefore founded in 2006 close to the local market where the mothers work to earn their only income, as a day-care center where the women could leave their children safely during the day.

The center is run as daycare and nursery school, where they help children as young as 2-3 years old to learn the alphabet and the numbers, so that when they "graduate" at the age of six, they have a solid foundation for starting school and getting an education. The New Miles2Smiles center will in addition provide education for women outside the day-care’s opening hours.

The Strømme foundation in Norway supports Miles2Smiles to help offer good day-care facilities at very low cost, and in addition offer microfinance education for the mothers to help them out of poverty. Strømme is a non-governmental organization that focuses on the principle of "help to self-help" through the means of education and microfinance in the fight against poverty worldwide.
For more information about Miles2Smiles, check out (and like) their facebook page:
For more information about The Strømme Foundation, check out (and like) their facebook page: and their webpage:
Also, check out earlier posts and read the sad but warming story behind the Miles2Smiles, as told by the founder Catherine Kitongo

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